David Bowers for Roanoke City Mayor

Republican Candidate for a Better Roanoke: Experience, Vision, Action

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As a Republican candidate for Mayor of Roanoke, my campaign is fueled by a deep commitment to our community's values and priorities, steering clear of narrow political agendas. 

My bond with Roanoke began in my childhood after moving from Cortland, New York, to the lively Raleigh Court neighborhood. From a young age, I was enchanted by our city's charm and the friendliness of its residents, dreaming of one day serving as Mayor—a dream that amused my three brothers and two sisters as I built a model city in our basement. 

I'm a proud product of Roanoke City schools and Patrick Henry High School (Go Patriots!), furthering my education at Belmont Abbey College and earning a law degree from Loyola University New Orleans. After law school, I returned to Roanoke to start my legal career and have served our community ever since. I also hold a master's degree in Liberal Arts from Hollins University. With this blend of local upbringing, educational background, and professional experience, I am dedicated to making Roanoke an even better place to live, work, and dream. 

My political path in Roanoke began with an eight-year stint on the City Council in 1984. I then served as Roanoke City Mayor from 1992 to 2000 and returned for another term from 2008 to 2012. During my tenure, I spearheaded significant projects like the reopening of the Hotel Roanoke, the return of Amtrak passenger rail service, the development of the Elmwood Park amphitheater, and the expansion of Valley View Mall. 

Outside of politics, my passions include hiking, U.S. History, traveling, and immersing myself in Roanoke's rich offerings—its fine dining, vibrant events, and outdoor pursuits. Alongside my wife, Margarita, we cherish our involvement in the community that has been our long-standing home. 

I'm deeply committed to Roanoke and plan to use my vast experience and passion to better the city for everyone. I ask for your support in the primary election on June 18th and the general election on November 5th as I work to foster Roanoke's growth and unity.

All the best,

David A. Bowers
Republican Candidate, Roanoke City Mayor